Calling All Soulful Readers…

My soul was tethered and shattered in pieces. It was time to integrate and become whole. I did it by going internal, exploring and discovering who I was and who I was not.

As deep calls to deep, my soul awakened in the light of my imagination, fantasy, dreams, and unlimited and boundless energy. Here, I’m free and uninhibited to no longer hide but to truly smile, dance, cry, make love, engage in meaning and purpose, and to feel the feelings that rock my world. As I fully embrace all of who I am, I experience – the thrill, intoxication, amazement, elation, enrapture, pleasure, gratitude, tenderness, and inner peace.  This freedom allows me to be fearless and daring, understood and accepted.

As I undressed the old beliefs that enslaved me, I walked naked across a field emptying myself with my soul to bare… vulnerable and naked I stood. God clothed me in unconditional love. It was always there, waiting for me. Once I realized, welcomed, and accepted the unimaginable – then it burst forth- beautifully displayed. And there, I found rest.

I became speechless of how God loves me. He is for me and delights in giving me good gifts. Spirit quiets my soul as He orchestrates what must come… my soul’s journey which left inedible marks of unfathomable grace and contemplative joy. As Spirit guides me, I’m broken and humble.  His vast and unbounded love holds my heart.

He beckons me to come dance as He holds my hands and gentle pulls me closer to Him. Surprised by my reaction, I cry. He comforts me and enlightens me that I don’t trust myself because of the intensity of my feelings, wants, and desires that run deep in this sea of energy. He assures me that I can trust others as I trust Him. He pulls me forward to rest my feet on top of His feet. As He spins me around, I see the faces of my childhood, adolescence, adulthood. As the King’s glory of gold and the yellow sun-rays surround my face, He assures me… this is my time.

No longer do I need to be afraid. Here, I beam, shine and radiate in my gifts, compassion, and brilliance. As my effervescence comes forth, my true essence emerges.

The time to embrace is now.  It’s all around me.  As I emptied, I truly find myself.  It’s the essence of who I am and what I have to give.  Everything is within me and I am more than enough.

Heart & Soul,