Dear Coaching Readers,

Sometimes we think that we are meant to coach our kids. Now, don’t get me wrong; we are. But sometimes they are meant to coach us. We need to recognize these precious moments and be able to receive.

Gabriel had a friend spend the weekend with us. On Monday morning, Gabriel had camp. I signed him up in the same camp as his friend. Gabriel came home and asked if his friend and he could have a play-date. I responded, “We had a busy weekend. I’m saying focus on my book. Let’s wait till the weekend.” Gabriel replied, “Okay, mom.” Then, Gabriel asked me the same thing on Tuesday. I reassured, “The weekend.”

On Wednesday, Gabriel forgot his swimsuit and asked me to bring it. I rushed over to the YMCA before the bus departed. Then, the phone rang in the late afternoon. Gabriel called from the camp counselor’s cell to ask if he could go to his friend’s house. Has anyone watched the movie, Groundhog Day? I felt like I was in a movie. At this point, I was feeling annoyed because I my need of respect was being disrespected. Again, I replied with the same answer.

Carpool pick-up rolls around that day. Gabriel gets in the car. He shared, “Mom, before you…” I said, “Gabriel, I set the rules this week and I was clear. But you have asked me the same thing and I have given you the same response.” Gabriel commented, “You’re right. I’m sorry for doing that to you. Let’s shift and get back to a happy place.” We shifted.

My boundary was in place; it was tested, and I did not waiver!

Later that night, Gabriel approached me. He had a pensive look. He encouraged, “Mom, I have seen great improvements in your behavior. You are not allowing emotions to rob you anymore. You are more peaceful. You handled the situation and shifted quickly. I notice a big change in you. Keep creating this and staying in this vibration. The law of attraction is at work and everything is working great. Just watch and see.” And he walked off.

I laid in bed thinking about what he said. Gabriel is noticing growth in me. Pierre thinks I’m light years ahead. And Lucas is dear, sweet Lucas.

This morning, I dropped Gabriel off at camp. He questioned, “Mom, where is my lunchbox?” I looked around the car. I said, “You must have left it on the kitchen counter.” He exited the car and said, “It’s okay. I got money.” I pondered, wondering if he really had money and where he was going to buy lunch. I asked, “Would you like me to bring your lunchbox? Gabriel smiled, “Yes mom.”

So instead of getting aggravated, I breathed. I drove home, got his lunchbox, and dropped it off.

Gabriel texted, “Oh, thanks. Awesome. Love you. Hope your day goes well.”

I texted back, “Thank you. I love you too. It’s going great!”

How is you day going?

Are you shifting quickly?

Can other people see your growth?

Are you allowing your children to coach you sometimes?

Are you breathing doing the moments of aggravation?

Are you setting a boundary and sticking to it?

I moved into this place. I let go of all the things that enslaved me, encumbered me, ensnared me. I pushed off into the great abyss with clarity, peace, and love. And it all began with changing my internal landscape.

Receiving My Son’s Coaching,