Dear Muscular Readers,

Okay. Maybe you are not muscular. But are you ready to test? And I’m not talking about your big, massive guns (bicep term baby). I am talking about muscle testing to see if a product is right for you. I started with products and supplements but went way beyond. This technique has opened my intuition big time! It has allowed me to connect with Source, Energy, and Spirit. I even test when I sit on the toilet. Stay tuned.

I was taught to hold a supplement to my solar plexuses to see if a supplement was right for me. I didn’t like using my solar plexuses. I bring it up to my heart. Leading with my heart in all things! How many supplements do we buy only to pee them out? I was ready for clarity. If I leaned forward, it’s a yes, meaning right for me. If I lean backwards, it’s a no, meaning not for me. I do it daily. Some supplements are needed at different times of the day. I bought a supplement for my adrenals. It wasn’t the product that I would have selected from a glance, but it was a product revealed through muscle testing.

I bought my ergonomic office chair through muscle testing. The guy at the store was encouraging me to buy a certain chair. I went back to the store three times. Every time, I got the same answer – it was not the chair for me. Through muscle testing, I selected the right chair for me. Now, I didn’t pick up the chair and bring it to my chest. I asked the question, “Is this the right chair for me?” And I listened to my heart. I held my heart. If I leaned forward, yes! If I leaned backwards, no.

This may sound a little weird, but it works. It’s a simple but effective process.

We have energy, a life force, within us that wants to guide us. Listen to your guidance.

I will check in with situations on the toilet and get clarity. Sometimes I am hanging on the toilet too long, but I am gaining clarity by asking questions on the toilet. Don’t ask why there!

I taught my mom how to buy shampoo. She didn’t lean forward or backward. It’s a practice! So, I tested it for her. I already knew what product. But I wanted to show her through muscle testing.

I taught Lucas. Same response. He didn’t move forward or backward. But now he is getting better. He tested candy at a store, and he got no every time. We laughed. He held the dog food and checked in. He said, “Mom, I am leaning forward. This dog food is good for me.” I suggested, “Maybe it’s good one for Drew (our dog.)” He said, “No, I asked if it was good for me.” We were both stunned and laughed. There are false positive and false negatives. Just retest:)

Moral of the story… Don’t eat dog food. But try muscle testing!

Pierre knows when I am doing it and smiles. It reduces the chatter, chaos, noise, other’s opinions, and allows your heart and intuition to lead.

There is only one you. Why not develop this skill to know the real you?

Unveiling my guidance through…

Muscle Testing,