Dear Moving Readers,

Come on. I know you are movers and shakers. You can admit it. But I’m also talking about a physical move.

We are in the process of moving. I could feel it coming over the summer. When it was time to list our home, I was directed to the perfect real estate agent. Not because someone recommended him but my intuition prompted me. And my oldest son confirmed with the same prompting.

A few months later, we are in the process of moving. Now, when I tell others, their nonphysical body language communicates dread. Why is that? Because they are remembering their own moves. And some of those moves can be painful or unplanned; they may be due to an illness, divorce, finances or even a hurricane.


When we lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, aha moments occurred. I realized those possessions didn’t own me. The universe charted a different course. We slowed down on medical surgeries with one son (13 total), and we created space for our other son through adoption.

Let’s shift because moving can be fun. It’s a mindset. Yes, it involves some elbow grease. But there are opportunities of growth; and when we resist, we don’t allow something better to enter. I want better. How about you? I don’t want to settle. I want to reach for the stars!

Moving can be fun. It’s a time of purging. Do I really need all this stuff? It allows you to focus on important things and fun experiences. When you purge, you bless others. The energy doesn’t get stuck. There is a flow of abundance when you share.

When we listed the house, Gabriel (14) delighted, “Mom, it’s all good. We had wonderful memories in this home, but it’s just a house. We take the memories. We take the love.” I smiled. I added, “That’s a spiritual viewpoint. You must have read my book, Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina.” I knew.

Moving can be fun because you take the energy of creation and love. When love prevails, you can recreate it, even in the next house and the next one. Remember God, Source, this incredible universe is for you. There is a plan. And we just need to say YES and go with the flow. My friend, Sandy, shared, “Leap into faith and love will never let you down.”

Let’s be excited about our moves.

The next adventure awaits. And I’m ready! Moving is fun.

Moving with grace,


I have movers in the house, and I felt led to write. And it is all good!