Dear Movie Lovers,

The other night, I flipped through Amazon to select a movie for Pierre and me to watch. I went down my watch list. Lucas sat in the kitchen and finished his ice-cream. The preview for The Giver with Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep came on. From the kitchen, Lucas said, “Just listening to that made me sad. My heart was crying on the inside.” He came in the family room and sat next to me. He asked, “What else?” I played the preview for The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley. Lucas explained, “Now, that looks good. It’s about a heavy topic – war. But it’s real.” My next preview was Still Alice with Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin. Lucas said, “That’s the one to watch. Great story. I don’t understand the condition, but I would be interested in learning about it. Mom, can I stay up with you and dad?” Needless to say, I tucked Lucas in bed with a hug, kiss, and prayer. But truthfully, I was in awe of his selection. The condition was early onset Alzheimer’s. Yet, the seriousness didn’t bother Lucas. It actually compelled him to learn about a serious issue. I don’t recall at the age of 7 wanting to watch a movie on Alzheimer’s disease.

Pierre and I watched it. Pierre said this a tough one to watch. There were sniffles. The next morning, Pierre explained that he didn’t get a good night sleep. The subject matter and intensity kept him up.

The next morning, Lucas jumped in my bed. He wanted to know how it was and is it appropriate for him to watch. I shared my thoughts that it was a good movie explaining early onset Alzheimer’s but not age-appropriate for him to watch.

But let’s get back to… Lucas was compelled to know about a serious issue. Where did this stem from? Lucas’s brother, Gabriel, was born with Giant Pigmented Nevus. Lucas wasn’t there for the thirteen surgeries, but Lucas lives with a brother that has a medical condition. On one occasion, Lucas had a friend over and the friend made an ugly comment about Gabriel. Lucas went along with the comment. But I interjected as a mother bear would. I protected Gabriel. I created awareness of the medical condition for Lucas’s friend. And I shone the light of the compassion within Lucas’s heart, not the ugliness from another comment.

Lucas understood. He understands now. And he is compelled to learn more of another serious condition. It has created compassion within his heart, a reservoir of sensitivity, and empathetic resonance.

When were you compelled to learn of someone’s serious issue?

Many times, we don’t want to be bothered or we are so engrossed in our own lives or we don’t have time. When you lay the voice of ego aside and open up to the voice of spirit, you discover it’s where the compassion, sensitivity, empathic resonance reside. You have to get around the walls of your personality and usher in the voice of spirit.

Movie Lover, Spirit Discoverer, and Truth Seeker,