Dear Traveling Readers,

I’m not talking about the Maroon 5 song, “Moves Like Jagger” but Moves Like Jaguar!

We went on cruise for the holidays and ended up in Ensenada, Mexico. It was an eventful day. One that will stay in our memory and hearts for years to come as we sit around the table and tell stories.

We were surprised by the wild animals. Lions and jaguars.

Lucas suggested a picture with one. We discovered a black jaguar. We thought it was a black panther, but the lady corrected us. Her arms had scratches and scars from his paws and teeth. She held him on a leash.

There was a bench for Lucas to sit on. The lady suggested that Gabriel join the picture. Gabriel sat next to Lucas. But he never thought… and we never expected that she would put the jaguar on Gabriel. He is my anxious child. But from the pictures he stayed calm, cool, and collected while she kept positioning the jaguar on his lap. And this is easily a 50 lb. baby jaguar. Lucas was the apprehensive one.


Usually, you see these animals in cages or at the zoo.  But to hold one in your arms… in your lap was man peacefully becoming one with animal.  No words need to be expressed.  Just sheer awe!



We traveled the streets with delight that Gabriel has grown so much. According to Ted Andrews in Animal-Speak Pocket Guide, a jaguar means Reclaim. And Gabriel is reclaiming a part of himself. Andrews says “Now is the time to reclaim the fruits of your labors. With discipline, the rewards will surprise. Patience and silence is important.” And indeed they were.

Gabriel bought a hat from a vendor, updating his style. Lucas purchased a necklace with a shark tooth.


We drank Pina Coladas and real sugar cane Coke, and enjoyed fresh clams.  We learned a secret technique when grilling clams.  Use a hair-dryer!


We learned the origin of the margaritas. A bartender concocted a new drink for Marjorie King. Her husband found out and fired the bartender. Gabriel resonated with this story.

We visited La Bufadora, one of the largest marine geysers in the world.



It was a great day full of wonder and curiosity. May you embrace your Moves Like Jaguar as you expand and evolve. I know our family is, and I’m forever grateful for all the subtle changes. I want to stay wide awake and not miss these moments.