Dear Beautiful Moms,

Mother’s Day came and went. But every day is Mother’s day!

“Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and… and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed.” ~ Linda Wooten


When your son dies from a drug overdose.

When your child is born with a rare disease.

When your son commits suicide.

When your child is bullied on the playground again.

When your child undergoes anesthesia.

When you bury your own mom.

When you rock your sick baby throughout the night.

When your child falls and develops a head injury.

When your child gets an autistic diagnosis at the age of three.

When your child fights your authority.

When you kneel at bedtime and pray.

When you teach them love.

When you heal the wounds of your inner child.

When you change, and they don’t.

You Deal with FEARS:

Will my daughter commit suicide?

Will my son make any friends or will he be a loner?

Will my son get in a car accident with his new obtained license?

Will I love this child like I love my other child?

Will my child ever get homework done on time?

Will my child make wise food choices or constantly choose the junk food?

Will the hospital visits ever end?

Will the sibling fighting ever end?

Will my child survive the brain cancer diagnosis?

Will my child live past the first year?

Will my child get accepted in college?

Will he be equipped with life skills?

Will her teacher be kind and loving?

Will she get that job?

Will he have enough money to support himself and a family?

Will our relationship ever be reconciled?

As parents, we go through trials and errors. Other parents may share their parenting experiences. But truly, you will never know until you have your own child.

Children are our greatest teachers, healers, and lovers. They push limits, test boundaries, and trigger you. They cleanse you from your past and inner child wounds.

In return, you face your deepest fears and build an inner strength like a muscle.

You become their safety net. You offer them unconditional love. You are a representative of the Divine, and they learn about the Divine through you. But remember, they are also Divine, and they are here to teach, heal, and love you.

My mom shared, “You worry as a parent in childhood and adulthood. It never ends.”

May your worry be turned into trust. May your fears be replaced with love. And may you always remember that you did an awesome job!! Don’t ever forget it!