Change Your Story. Change Your Life.

Dear Creative Genius,

Have you ever gazed at yourself in the mirror? Held the gaze for a few minutes and offered healing affirmations to yourself. Or does the inner critic come out every time you look at yourself in the mirror and you find fault? Ears are too big. My thighs are touching. Not tall enough. Wish hair was longer, blonder, curlier.

Mirror work is consciously choosing to say kind and loving things to yourself while looking into your own eyes. And self-love is a gift. Loving yourself changes your story and changes your life.

When I tried it, the inner critic came out full force. It was difficult to gaze without recognizing my flaws. But as I offered myself compassion and acceptance, my inner critic was silenced. And I gazed into the window of my soul. I would love for you to have that breakthrough as well.

Here are some things to spice up your mirror work:  Pick a song that resonates with you. Speak kindly to yourself. Say I love you. I accept you. I forgive you. You are amazing. Allow yourself to feel. You don’t need to suppress your feelings. Let them come up. If you weep, it’s part of the healing process. Don’t give up. You may think it’s a silly or frustrating exercise. But you will experience a breakthrough. Gaze with another. Send them healing and loving energy.

I would love to hear from you. Do you practice mirror work and what are some ways it has benefiting you? If you haven’t, can you try it today? What song will you pick?

Live a Great Story! Live a Great Life!

Jennifer Gremillion

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