Dear Spirit-Filled and Brilliant Mind Readers,

My husband commented, “You have a magnificent mind. You are brilliant. Your Spirit is contagious. It is full of so much LOVE and LIGHT. I married you for your mind and Spirit! Your body and looks are a bonus… but not the reason I married you!”

We are taught what to value. We are taught what to appreciate. We are taught racism, religion, discrimination, fear. We are taught beauty. But along our path, we awaken and ask, “Are these beliefs serving us? Are they life-giving or life-depleting?”

Women are hard on themselves. We can criticize ourselves physically and compare ourselves constantly. And we literally feel like shit! Right there, in that very moment, if we were keen and swift in that realization, we would realize we feel like shit because we are using the wrong measuring stick! We are out of alignment because we are not connected to the way God sees us. God treasures our inner beauty, our heart-full treasures of love, light, kindness, eternal Spirit. He has formed us and fashioned us with unique giftings and talents in order that we serve the world in a brilliant way.

Maybe, it is your passion that is fearless.

Your enthusiasm that is contagious.

Your forgiveness that is speechless.

Your incredible mind that receives intuition, imagination, and inspiration at light speed.

Your intense focus on your dreams.

Your healing presence.

Each one of you is brilliant. You have a brilliant mind here to manifest all God’s glory. (Click to Tweet)

Here to shine in the presence of the King! How beautiful is that?

When was the last time someone communicated that you have a magnificent mind?

Do you recognize your brilliance?

Do you recognize your loving nature?

Have you caught a glimpse of your incredible light?

My husband chose me because of my mind and Spirit. I chose my husband because of his mind and Spirit. Twenty years later, he reiterated that truth. He is more in love with me today because of my mind and Spirit.

date night2

Date night3

Sometimes we need to hear it, believe it, feel it, experience it, and know it. It is a truth that cannot be wavered because it rests in the sovereignty and sanctuary of love, light, mind, Spirit.

Love & Light Bearer,