Dear Relationship Readers,

What are the qualities that you appreciate in a relationship? Are you aware of them?

These are some qualities that I added in my empty nest. Drum roll… Here’s my Lucky 13 Spiritual and Soulful List:

1) Safe and Secure

2) Playmate and Partner

3) Fun and Adventure

4) Creative and Self-Expression

5) Connection and Chemistry

6) Unconditional Love

7) Acceptance

8) Understanding

9) Compassion

10) Intimacy

11) Inter-dependency

12) Trust

13) Respect

These are the qualities that I appreciate in a relationship. They have evolved over the years. My Lucky 13 Spiritual and Soulful List represents the growth that has taken place in me today. Now to fill my empty nest up with these involves an inner peace, confidence, worthiness/ worth it.

To create anything and have bull’s eyes in mastery… begins with a sound mind.

When Pierre and I met, Pierre listed all the qualities that he wanted in a wife. He got on his knees and prayed. And then I appeared. At that time, my list included no drugs, no alcoholic, no cheaters, and no abuse. I brought my life experiences into my current relationship with Pierre. And of course, he brought his wounds into our marriage as well. Twenty-years later…

Get clear on what you want and what you don’t want. Give yourself permission to visualize and create.

Pierre commented, “I feel like I have been married three different times. Just to the same woman.” I am changing. Pierre is changing. And that is part of a spiritual and soulful relationship. A spiritual relationship occurs when we return to our Divine Inner Being. A soulful relationship allows us to have compassion and respect for others journey. We all are returning home.

You do not have to be stuck, struggle, and suffer in relationships. When you elaborate on your list of relationship qualities, you invite a fresh wind of clarity and healthy respect for yourself. Remember, it’s never too late to start over with inner peace, confidence, and worthiness/ worth it.

Have you prayed on your knees?

Have you turned it over to God?

Say to the Universe… “You know what I want. Give it to me in the path of least resistance.”

All love,