Dear Loving Readers,

Love is here. Love is now. You are never lacking love. You are always awakening to love.

I awoke to how Lucas views Love.


“Love is skateboarding with friends.
Love is peace.
Love is self-control.
Love is when my dad takes me to V.G. doughnuts.

Love is to be free.
Love is being generous.
Love is being respectful, kind, responsible, and caring.”

Dr. Gary Chapman in his book, The 5 Love Languages, describes five love languages as…
~ Words of Affirmation.
~ Acts of Service.
~ Receiving Gifts.
~ Quality Time.
~ Physical Touch.

I observed the acts of service and spending time with dad… eating the doughnuts. Spending time with friends and skateboarding. But what I observed with Lucas is his definition ran deeper than fill in the blanks. Love encompasses attributes, characteristics, qualities of the divine – the peace, the kindness, the caring.

But what struck a chord with me is the self-control. I didn’t know that Lucas understood that word until I read “LOVE IS.” Self-control is restraint of one’s feelings, actions. It’s a form of discipline. Balance. Dignity that allows someone to be respectful and responsible. It invites peace to be in control of your emotions. You respond instead of react. You observe instead of criticize. Inner peace flows freely. Hmm?

Lucas’s web of love was intricate, delicate, moving, powerful, and beautiful. It was the attributes of love that created the environment of love. Not seeking it from another but standing tall in knowing who he is… what he needs… what he brings to the table.

The greatest gift that you can give another is to know yourself… who you really are underneath all the masks. Remove the masks to set yourself free. Free to love. Free to be you. Free to be me. “The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.” ~ Jim Morrison

When I first read The 5 Love Languages, I selected Acts of Service as one of my top love languages. But then I became more of a to-do list. I moved to Quality Time and Words of Affirmation over the years.

But as I dug deeper, like Lucas, it’s the eternal qualities of peace, unconditional love, joy, compassion that I seek. And once I found the brilliant treasure within, I’m free to be me!

“You must have control of the authorship of your own destiny. The pen that writes your life story must be held in your own hand.” ~ Dr. Irene C. Kassorla

Do you realize that you are writing your life story?
Do you realize that you have control over your destiny?
How do you define love?
What love language resonates with you?
If you dug a little deeper, what would you discover about yourself? About love?
What masks need to be removed to be free? Free to love. Free to be you.

Love is here. Love is now. You are never lacking. You are awakening to the expansion of love. Go write your story. And may it be an amazing one. You are amazing!

Awakening & Expanding to LOVE,