Dear Loving Readers,

Yesterday was Mother’s Day – a day of honoring mom’s for all the love and care they bring into the world.

My boys showered me with roses and sunflowers. They each made me a card.


Someone who loves you.
Someone who is kind.
Someone who cares.
Someone who is sweet.
Someone who brings you to football games.
Someone who has thankfulness.
Someone who buys food and water.
Someone who drives you to birthday parties.

Gabriel made me a card and drew a heart. His card read, “Most of all the other beautiful things in life come by twos and threes, by dozens and hundreds. Love, Gabriel”

mother'd day by Gabriel

We spent the day together and enjoyed lunch at the farmer’s market. What I delighted in is that we were together.

Mother's Day Family Photo

Over the weekend, Pierre fixed our bikes, and we actually had four bikes that worked. We went for our first bike ride as a family. Usually, we go in groups of 2 or 3. But this time, it was the 4 of us. On my visualization board, I have memories with family. As we cycled fast, not strolled, some of us were competitive; yet, we were making beautiful family memories. Gabriel wasn’t on the games. I wasn’t cleaning, cooking, or on the computer. Pierre wasn’t on the swing, taking a nap or taking the dog for walk. Lucas wasn’t watching his TV episode. We were all together. We were all present. No agenda. No motivation. Together, making memories.

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?
When was the last time that you made some magical memories with family?
When was the last time you received or given a love note?
When was the last time that you noticed love is present in every moment?

On this Mother’s Day, love came down and rescued me. Love came down and rescued my family. Love came down and is present. Love is togetherness. Love is thankfulness for the sweet nectar of the day.

With Love,