Dear Studious Lovers,

I attended an event at Gabriel’s school. The students showed their work in various subjects. Naturally, I was drawn to the poetry. I sat and read each of Gabriel’s classmates’ poem. I was fascinated and intrigued by some of these old souls, their cleverness and deep well. Age wasn’t required. It was a feeling of resonance.

Where did they travel in their minds to bring forth this words? That is where my mind wandered with curiosity.

The teacher answered and expounded, “I gave them a feeling and from that feeling they wrote.” Wow, I love that. A feeling. Paying attentions to our feelings. Creating from our feelings. Writing from our feelings.

And what my feelings were guiding me were to stay in the present moment, not to compare who is better than the other… but to actually feel the energy of the writer, student, their experiences coming forth on paper with chosen words.

Gabriel wrote about a dog and I can see why. He loves our dog Drew Brees… yes named at the New Orleans Saints quarterback.

By Gabriel Gremillion


The dog was alone.
In the open so freely
Without a care in the world
The dog ran in the road

The dog ran away from home
The dog ran in the street
Only to be beat by the sound of a beep

The dog ran past the road
The dog finally found home
The dog found his family

To be filled with joy he ran outside
To see the roads and problems he faced
Finally to relax and feel great

He sat down to eat his food
He turned around to see no one there
The dog was alone

The dog looked back at all he did
Faced the unknown and was left alone
But now he is home.

We write about what we know. And I saw the analogy of my son as the dog feeling free, without a care in the world, experiencing joy, feeling the safety of home and family, but recognizing the problems he faced. I saw him running, returning, enjoying the mystery of the day. And I smiled. It is well with my soul. It is well with Gabriel’s soul. Nothing to add and nothing to delete. Just resonance and an experience “to feel.”