Dear Scientific Readers,

Have you ever had a live blood culture? You may be wondering what a blood culture is. A live blood culture consists of pricking your finger to draw blood. Then, the blood sample is put on a glass microscopic lens and examined under a dark field microscope. The live blood cells are observed and different diagnosis and diseases are reflected.

And what did I see? Plaque the size of Texas! My husband was shocked. Pierre chimed in, “Jennifer has low cholesterol and low triglycerides. How can she have all this plaque?” The scientist elaborated, “This isn’t plaque from cholesterol. This is plaque from STRESS.” He pointed out the differences in the live blood analysis. Stress was rampant in my body.  Stress and cortisol are the plague of the 21st century.  Ouch but true. He said, “I’m letting you know that you will have a heart attack if you continue with this amount of stress in your body. You can let go of it. You can choose healthy thoughts. You can change. You cannot have a heart attack. And you can go through menopause without getting any symptoms. It’s a choice.”

It is a choice… To live or suffer? To stress or de-stress? To give yourself a heart attack?

As I am in the awakening process to my purposes, patterns, passions, I am waking to all of life. It is not good or bad. It’s not a judgement. It’s a learning process… a journey teaching me a new way of being and a new way of thinking.

Have you awakened to your purposes, patterns, and passions?

Have you de-stressed? Or are you stressed out every day? Are your nerves shot? Is your tongue quick to react?

Have you chosen to practice self-care instead of self-sabotage?

Are you going through life without any symptoms? No headaches, no digestive issues, no body aches? Clarity of mind? Energized body?

Are you reaching for the junk food, the sugar, alcohol, coffee?

Are you aware of what you are putting in your body and the effects of it?

Are you aware of what thoughts you are meditating on? Are you looping with those same negative thoughts? Are you choosing loving and creative thoughts?

God loves you so much and wants you to have an amazing, abundant life. He uses all circumstances to awaken us. A simple live blood culture test reiterated my patterns of stress in my body, ingrained patterns of suffering, unhealthy thoughts.

I am choosing to live joyfully and de-stress from all the shitty crap! What do you choose?