Dear Relationship Readers,

How do you decide on what relationships you invite into your space? Are you consciously choosing relationships or is your subconscious on autopilot attracting the same type of relationships?

Well I met a new friend. We attracted each other based on the following three important elements:

1) Level of Consciousness
2) Heart-Centered
3) Energy

When he shared three characteristics that he looks for in others, something struck a cord with me. It resonated and I said, “That’s a litmus test for relationships!”

So let’s delve into these three because they are the magic trio of amazing blessings through wonderful relationships.

Level of Consciousness:
Is the person unlearning to learn anew? Are they aware? Are they a student and a teacher? Are they changing beliefs? Are they aware…? Spiritually? Mentally? Emotionally? Financially? Relationally? Physically? Are they raising their consciousness? Are they reading, learning, exploring, and growing? Are they dreaming big dreams? Do they want to leave an impact on humanity?

Are they leading with their heart or head? Is their heart chakra open or closed? Can you feel them? Are they sensitive? Are they balanced in their emotions? Do they have compassion, inner peace, joy, unconditional, love in their heart? Does their smile light up a room? When they share stories, are they focusing on the positive? Do they have a love for people, animals, and the planet? Can you share anything with them and they are available with acceptance? Can you hear their heart in communication… in their voice?

Is their energy life-giving or life-draining? When you leave their company, how do you feel afterwards? Are you inspired or are you drained? Do they always discuss their challenges instead of their victories? Can their energy feel up a room with their love? Do you gravitate towards them or are you repelled?

I evaluated my relationships and some people may have one or two qualities. They me be heart-centered but wallowing in their challenges and practicing the same level of consciousness. Or they have a high level of consciousness but not heart-centered and go on and on in a cerebral way. Or they may be growing in consciousness but their energy leave you drained. You got the point.

I am expanding my consciousness. I am heart-centered… an empath. My energy is high vibration. So naturally, I love when others have those three qualities. It lights me up like a Christmas tree. It’s as if I have known this person because our souls and spirits are witnessing the synchroncity. We can talk for hours. We can share easily.

Value your relationships.

Let go of some relationships. It’s okay. You have permission. It’s for your best.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ~ Jim Rohn

May those five people be some incredible people. You are worth it dear friend!

Are you ready for those type of relationships? I am, and I consciously choose them and attract them.

Relationship lover,