My whole life I was on a journey of fixing myself, only to realize that I needed to find myselfI found my heart, soul, being. I am a work in progress. I am growing in compassion and gentleness for myself first, only to extend it to others. I am letting go of the past. Accepting the present. Embracing the future. All the uncertainties. All the heartache. All the lessons. All the laughter. In finding myself, I found love, peace, and joy.

All my pain and suffering were evolutionary stepping stones. Growth. Lessons. Aha Moments. Opportunities. All these experiences were being used and cultivated in a unique way. A spider building her intricate web. A tapestry weaving her beauty. An architect designing his high rise. These experiences are my voice. Afraid to speak. Silenced for so long. Hiding, stuffing, quenching the work of Source, Energy, Spirit. Hurting myself by being quiet. All the while, waves were crashing against me. The storms were knocking me down. The fire was burning inside of me. And there I discovered my voice… my words, my writing.

The time has come to tell my story!

I shifted from "Surviving LIFE STORMS Through Thriving LIFE SCRIPTS."

LIFE SCRIPTS are often described as the expectations and beliefs of others that form a script for us to live by and follow. Many people are actors and follow their prescribed script. Some don’t question and don’t change it.

When we realize that we are living out a script that was written “for us” and not “by us,” we can begin writing our own LIFE SCRIPT.

I discarded my old script and wrote a new one. I edited, directed, and created my life with awareness. I became the master of my heart and soul and tossed out all other scripts. A LIFE SCRIPT with beauty, meaning, and understanding.

I would love to share Three Free Gifts with you on Communication Tools, Mirror Work, and the Mind so you can rewrite your own LIFE SCRIPT.

Rewrite, Redirect, and Recreate a wonderful LIFE SCRIPT for you!

Heart and Soul,
Jennifer Gremillion