Dear Truthful Readers,

How do you handle when someone isn’t honest with you? How do you handle when someone omits a fact here or there… thinking it is no big deal? When guess what? It really is a big deal. A white lie turns into a neglectful omission turns into a bigger lie.

It’s in those moments that we have to dig deep, go beyond the externals to gain a secure footing. We have to know who we are regardless of the fabrication from the other. We have to secure our identity and our footing in God, Universe, Source, and Energy.

See these little trails of breadcrumbs speak of character… speak of integrity. Honesty breeds clarity. But when someone is dishonest, usually they get defensive. Or how about downright persuasive. Or how about making you feel insecure. Because it really is all in your head. Right? Wrong. It’s in the other person… a defect in their character… a defect in their integrity. Hiding this. Hiding that. But the real kicker is it all comes out in the light in some shape, way, or form. It spills over in every facet of their life. And they wonder why they can’t get ahead or why they continue to struggle. The answers lies that they haven’t cleared up that point of attraction vibrationally. So, those white lies, neglectful omissions, big lies paint a tapestry. It weaves lies in every fashion.

It’s truly a matter of the heart. Not a matter of the head. The head may have covered it up analytically, but the bigger question lies in the heart. What hasn’t been spoken. What hasn’t been authentic. What hasn’t been.

“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” (Luke 6:45)

We all have a choice… an opportunity in any given moment to speak and live honestly from the heart. I value honesty, transparency, connection, compassion, intimacy, creative expression, self-expression, unconditional love, acceptance, understanding, fun, and adventure. What I don’t value is the subtleties of omissions. Because in those omissions, it creates a wildfire in every aspect of your life. And wildfires can’t be controlled. In fact, the damage is unequivocal.

A courageous heart is consistent. Yes means yes. No means no.

What do you value?
How did you handle when someone isn’t telling you the truth?
What if that person is someone you respect or love dearly?
Where do you draw the line between power and powerlessness?

It’s a matter of their heart. May you keep your heart pure and in alignment with God. It’s the only way you can gain the broader perspective and stay in sync with God.

You are strong. You are courageous. And you are worth the truth. Don’t let someone manipulate you with their acts of omissions.

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” ~ Unknown

Speaking Honestly From My Heart,