Dear Approachable Readers,

Are you really approachable? Do people share things with you that are extremely personal and sensitive?

I know that people come to me and share their deepest secrets… their most vulnerable moments. Why? Not because there is anything great with me.

Anyone can open themselves to another as long as you provide a place for people to feel safe and secure. No ulterior motives. Plain trust that you won’t be judging, criticizing, laughing, or belittling in that incredible, splendid moment.

There are many things that people have shared. It was a burden to them… a heaviness in their soul. Maybe some confusion that brought a spark a clarity… a seed of relief… a new awareness from opening up and sharing.

And what I have learned is, “He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing is unrighteous also in much.” The truth holds when people share courageously. I have learned not to discuss sensitive and personal regarding of another with another. It’s a matter of acceptance that people really want. A certainty that everything will be alright. And you know what… everything is alright, and everything will be alright.

Another thing that I discovered is if people are talking about others, whether it be endearing gossip or blatant gossip, it is still gossip. Don’t disgrace the sacred moments. They are hearts connecting. Souls connecting. And that is enough.

I value transparency. I value connection. I see people’s soul’s journey. I see solutions.

What do you value?

Are you approachable?

Do you live a life of transparency? Or are you closed? Only letting people in certain areas of your life. Hiding the others.

Do you connect easily with others?

Are you trustworthy?

Do you provide a safe and secure environment for people to share?

Do you gossip? A little here. A little there.

Those tender moments are divine moments… sacred moments of healing and clarity. Do you truly realize that you have the power to usher someone into healing and clarity? Sit with that for a moment.

We are ALL miracle workers, light bearers, energy shifters!!!

May you recognize your role and your contribution. May you see your value and your worth. May you point others in the direction of opening their eyes to see their value and their worth.

Be faithful.