Dear Faithful Readers,

What does keeping the faith mean? Faith is the evidence of things not seen. It’s believing in the spiritual world on this physical plane. It is what we hunger and yearn for in the midst of chaos, pain, uncertainty. It’s our anchor.

How do you keep the faith?

When your spouse wants a divorce.

When you can’t afford the school’s tuition.

When the garbage company comes to remove the trash cans because you are behind on bills.

When your sister opens up your mail and takes gift items back.

When someone calls you lazy.

When your credit card gets declined at Wal-Mart.

When someone attacks you, judges you, gossips about you.

How do you respond? Do you remain steady, strong, and consistent? Do you play the blame game? Do you live as the victim? Do you attack God for being unfair, unjust?

How do you keep the faith on a daily basis?

Do you pray, meditate?

Do you dig deeper for the treasures?

Do you discover the lesson?

Are you using it as an opportunity to grow?

Do you give up, acquiesce?

Do you practice spiritual disciplines?

Do you cry, laugh, dance?

What about binge or find a numbing alternative?

Do you journal in the high, in the low, through every calm, through every storm?

What therapeutic process allows you to keep the faith, to not give up, to stay the course when everything is spinning out of control?

Do you keep your heart open to receive and come with expectancy?

Life isn’t always easy. There are curve balls, detours, and dodge balls. Life is full of Life Storms. In every moment, you get to choose. You are powerful and your power comes from love.

 It’s crossing over the threshold of fear and welcoming a trust that restores my broken heart. Great is thy faithfulness and you have to go back to recall the faithfulness in your life. It’s steady. As you remember it, peace floods your heart. Every life experience is being used to cultivate a fertile soil of expansiveness, expression, evolution. You always had the power. Keep dreaming. Keep visualizing and watch how things change. Trust. Let go of the fear. And keep the faith by practicing gratitude. Raise your vibration and experience the peace, love and joy. It was always there. That is your certainty.

Keeping the FAITH,