Dear Awesome Readers,

I attended a conference two years ago in Big Sur. The workshop involved “Yoga & Creative Writing” with John Robbins and Katchie Ananda. And I came across my writing from the first evening of the workshop.

“My voice is strong, powerful, a force to be reckoned with. It wants to tell a story that inspires change. It wants to transform into my soul. As I let go of my beliefs, conditions, fears… my voice wants to travel to new places, meet new people, and be open to opportunities and change. It wants to cause a revolution in me… kill the old self as the new self emerges. It trusts my instincts, feelings, awareness. It wants to not doubt, judge, analyze, examine. Too fucking exhausting!!! It wants to tell my soul’s journey of creative expression, a love story that travelled different lifetimes to present day to complete a path, a journey, a destiny. Forces are driving me and catapulting me into a new direction of expansiveness, openness, adventure, and fun. I no longer need to be afraid but choose to let go and find myself. Being grounded in love and compassion for myself. Honoring who I am and stop denying and fighting that calling. I can no longer stay where I am, be who I am. I’m restless to bare my soul and continue my journey into awesomeness.”

My voice has traveled. I was writing screenplays at the time. But I ventured into blog writing. And I can honestly say that I’m baring my soul. And I completed my first book Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina Series. The 10 year anniversary is August 29, 2015 and it will be released then. I’m truly excited!

A revolution has taken place in me. The old self died. It had to because the new self was waiting to emerge.

Where does a revolution need to take place in you?
Where do you need to die… to emerge?
Where has your voice travelled?
Where do you need to bare your soul?
Where will your journey of awesomeness take you?

I remember when I said the “journey of awesomeness,” a songwriter at the conference loved that expression. I became the “journey of awesomeness” girl. It is your life, every experience leading you to a journey of awesomeness… a journey of expression… a journey of baring your soul. Make it count. You are strong and powerful.

The Journey of Awesomeness Girl,