Dear Timely Readers,

Sometimes we pray and meditate, and we see the manifestation come about easily; other times we pray and mediate, and we wait for evidence of the manifestation.

Since spirit is eternal, it is not bound by time limits and restraints. It is free and patient. Since we are in human form, we forget our true nature, and we become confined to a stop watch.

It takes times to change from limiting-beliefs to life-giving beliefs.

It takes times to discover who you really are and equally important, who you are not.

It takes time to integrate and become whole.

It takes time to let go of suffering and welcome thriving.

It takes time to turn down the chatter of your inner critic and believe in yourself.

It takes time not to follow others but to follow your own intuition.

It takes time to unlearn fear remember love.

It takes time to do shadow work and embrace the glorious light.

It takes time to shine your light brightly.

It takes time to stop judging others because that other is yourself.

It takes time not to absorb others energy and practice imperative self-care.

It takes time to remain centered in the midst of the storm.

It takes time to quiet the noise and embrace the silence.

It takes time to understand another perspective.

It takes time to stop pushing against and start being pulled in the current of flow.

It takes time to embrace compassion instead of repeating a pattern of sympathy.

It takes time to be content in the present moment while reaching for a dream in the future.

It takes time not to react harshly but respond kindly.

It takes time to rewrite your story . . . your Life Scripts.

It takes time not to get emotionally stuck in the story but witness the story and emotions.

It takes time to stop blaming and start taking responsibility.

It takes time to practice discipline, intention, and focus.

It takes time to recreate, redirect, and rewrite a new you, a new beginning, a new life.

And in all of this comes awareness.

It takes time to change.

And I witnessed it in my son, Gabriel. After thirteen surgeries, Pierre and I decided to allow Gabriel to make the decision if he would like another surgery or not. When we would check in, his natural response was “no.” It allowed Gabriel to step into well-being. Over the weekend, Gabriel shared, “Mom and dad, I’m ready for surgery. This nevus hurts on my finger. And I want to shave.” Pierre and I were astonished because we never saw it coming. But ten years later, Gabriel decided.

It takes time to change.