Dear Valued Readers,

My son, Lucas, shared some incredible wisdom. and he’s only eight.

I gained a few pounds. I cut back on the sugar and lost some weight.

Lucas didn’t like me cutting back on sugar. In fact, he said, “The sugar makes me fun and loving. It would be so sad to go to places and for you to miss out on these fun experiences. Everybody would be enjoying an ice-cream cone but you.”

I added, “I am making changes and feeling better.” Well, there was no convincing this little boy as he ate Kit Kat. In fact, he read the nutritional value on the back and could have been a Kit Kat spokesperson.

Lucas said, “You love sweets. If you give up sweets, you give up part of your personality. It would be like giving up your love for writing. One day, you stopped. For me, it would be like giving up my love for football. One day, I stopped.”

I listened, fully engaged. I understood Lucas’s perspective. If you give up something you love, you will suffer, experience loneliness, and pain.

I elaborated, “I’m just making healthy eating changes. Will I ever get up sweets for the rest of my life? Of course not.”

As I unraveled a deeper truth, Lucas was afraid that I would change too much, and he wouldn’t recognize me. He remembers me one way; if I change too much, he may not recognize me. Plus, he loves the connection through these experiences.

I encouraged, “Lucas, I’m your mom and I’m not going anywhere. My love is here to stay.”

Lucas pondered, “If you gain or lose weight, it doesn’t change your VALUE.”

Wow! I am unlearning to learn anew as an adult. But Lucas gets it. Spot on with a deeper truth!

It doesn’t change your value.

How many times have you allowed the circumstances, events, people, opinions, judgments, gossip, weight fluctuations… change your value?

Sometimes, we are our worse critics with negative talk. But what if our talk was encouraging like Lucas? What if we stayed in alignment no matter what the circumstance, mirror, scale, ripped jeans said otherwise?

In the end, it doesn’t change your value. You are loved and worthy in every moment. You don’t have to earn it, seek it, lose it, or gain it. It’s yours!

Thank you Lucas for your wisdom and perspective!