Dear Loving Readers,

Do you remember your first date with that someone special?

It began at Charley G’s restaurant

Twenty-one years ago, Pierre asked me out on a date. I was law clerking in the same office building where he worked. I said, “Yes.”

twenty-one-years-imagePierre and I – 21 years later!




But here is where it gets really interesting… Pierre questioned, “Can you drive? I had a long work week.” And I strangely thought – Well this is a first.

We headed to Charley G’s restaurant. Pierre ordered a screwdriver cocktail and cappuccino… at the same time. One to loosen up and the other to stay awake!

Six months later, we went back to Charley G’s restaurant…

Pierre handed me my Christmas gift. It was pink snowflake flannel pajamas from Victoria’s Secret. But there was also a surprise in there… a little black box. And for the life of me I couldn’t open it. It was stuck. Pierre graciously opened the box for me and proposed. And I said, “Yes”… again.

The funny thing is my mom knew. She said, “I have a feeling that Pierre is going to propose to you tonight.” And she was right. When I came home and woke my parents up, my dad commented, “Pierre didn’t ask me.” I commented, “That is between you two. I said yes!”

And so the story continues!

How does your story continue?

What do you remember?

What are you saying yes to?

Where are things getting interesting?

And I am living with trust and eager expectancy as I dream, imagine and co-create with this amazing universe.

Is your heart full?

Is your soul remembering?

Is your mind unlearning to learn anew?

Are you living with trust and expectancy?

Are you dreaming?

Are you imagining?

What are you co-creating?

I am going to be completely honest with you. My marriage has been filled with instability and insecurity. It’s been full of discussions of divorce, foreclosure and bankruptcy. BUT… it has also been full of amazing growth, awe, and wonder. It has been an incubation for change, learning, growing and I am forever grateful for it.

family-christmas-photoChristmas Family Photo

My husband cried the other day, “You are getting stronger Jennifer. Stronger Jennifer. I am so proud of you.”

The biggest gift you can give yourself this Christmas is raising your vibration so you remember; you practice gratefulness; you unlearn to learn anew.

Remember, you are getting stronger!

All love,