Dear Worthwhile Readers,

We hear it in the Switchfoot song that “Love Alone is Worth the Fight.” But do we believe it?

It makes me ponder Love. Is it worth the fight?

We see the fairy tale in movies. We hear the lyrics that convey heartfelt emotion. We sense an attractive person in a restaurant. We feel the touch of our lover. We smell their fragrance that lingers in a room.

Do we stay in a marriage because God says? Stay out of duty and obligation? Stay because of fear and guilt? Stay because society says? Stay for the kids? Stay because we are stuck in the sameness? Stay because we are older and scared to date?

Or do we stay because we look at those obstacles as opportunities of healing, growth, and expansion?

If we love unconditionally, then we do not need the conditions to change. Right?

I’m preaching to the choir because I’ve been there. Considered divorce. My husband considered divorce. We considered divorce. What got us to that place? All the above and none of the above. Misunderstanding love by making it conditional. Wanting conditions to be the way when we were dating or early on in our marriage. Wanting the connection, acceptance, and understanding. Wanting the sense of intimacy… wanting to be fully known and knowing. Wanting the partnership and the playmate. Wanting it to be damn different in whatever way possible!

Can things change? In a holy instant… by shifting perspectives. It’s a mindset. So, what is the mindset of love?

Love is Steadfast. It is patient.
Love is Tender. It is kind.
Love is Content. It does not envy.
Love is Confident. It does not boast.
Love is Humble. It is not proud.
Love is Respectful. It is not rude.
Love is Inclusive. It is not self-seeking.
Love is Courageous. It is not easily angered.
Love is Forgiveness. It keeps no record of wrongs.
Love is Consistent. It does not delight in evil.
Love is Freedom. It rejoices in truth.
Love is Nearness. It always protects.
Love is Strength. It always trusts.
Love is Desirable. It always hopes.
Love is Diligent. It always perseveres.
Love is Resilient. It never fails.

Worth it? You’re damn right. When every cell in your body screams otherwise. When you want to run and never return. When the silence between you speaks volumes of lost time and space. Hearts burning and yearning for so much more.

People grow and evolve at different rates and different seasons. Some may not evolve. But can you still love them when they don’t meet your expectations… when they don’t change… when you change?!

Tony Robbins said, If you treat people at the end of the relationship like the beginning, there won’t be an end. Oh, the beginning. Hearts beating, uniting, intoxicating. Until the screeching brakes to a reality of dullness, sameness, stuckness. Entangled patterns. Where did time go?

But what about new beginnings, new realities, new mindsets? Is it worth it? Are you worth it? What if right before you throw in the towel, the miracle is just around the corner? Is it easy? Of course not. It’s a battle, warfare, fight. Is it challenging? Everyday. But you will never know until you cross the finish line. Will you?

It is your decisions, and not your conditions, that determine your destiny. ~ Tony Robbins

Is love worth it? You decide. I’m still learning myself. I don’t have the answers, but I’m searching. Ready to soar.