Dear Intuitive Readers,

What do you do when you get that intuitive hit?

Do you trust it?

Do you dismiss it?

Do you doubt it?

Do you fear it?

Do you question it with committee vote?

I attended a book signing for Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina. A beautiful soul shared that her name is Eva. Right away, my guidance asked, “Do you listen to Eva Cassidy?” She shared that she has a brain injury and doesn’t remember lots of things. I added, “You will absolutely love her. Soulful.” Her face lit up with a twinkle in her eye.

I met a young, beautiful mom with two sons. One of her sons was special needs. I watched her tend to him gently, compassionately and lovingly. I received the guidance that she needs clothes. Share your clothes with her. Later, I learned my friend met her at Goodwill.

I talked to a friend and she shared concerns about her daughter. Three times, the message about horse therapy came up. I mentioned it. My friend said, “Her daughter has never been around horses.” But I was guided to share horse therapy.

Lucas has been sick twice. One time he had pneumonia and another time he had strep throat. Immediately and intuitively, I diagnosed him. When we went to the pediatrician on two separate occasions, she confirmed his diagnosis of pneumonia and strep throat.

We are nonphysical connected to a spiritual dimension. When we get out the way, in other words let go and let God, we open up instantly and effortlessly to information from the spiritual world.

Now, we all have this capacity. It’s not one can access it and another can’t. But I can say it takes openness, courage, and willingness. It takes faith and trust in something bigger, higher than what you see on this physical plane. The universe responds to your vibration.

You have a spiritual support team that delights in assisting you.

Will you call on them?

Will you trust them?

Will you embrace and follow those intuitive hits?

More importantly, will you be a faithful servant with that information?

“He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much.” (Luke 16:10)

Intuitively and faithfully receiving,