Dear Awe-Inspiring Readers,

I enjoyed a webinar by Sonia Ricotti called Unsinkable Bounce Back. Time to set in motion my declaration for my life… my intention.

Intention is all about energy baby. The desire, the drive, unharnessed momentum of pure energy. A matter of the heart. You intend an outcome and surrender to the universe. Whereas goals are measurable. You analyze data and plan necessary steps to reach an outcome by a certain date. A matter of the mind. Hmm? Matter of the heart versus matter of the mind.

Independence weekend of 2013, I wrote my love note to the universe. This is my declaration. This is my intention of where I live. This is a matter of my heart.

“I’m on a healing journey inviting clarity into my life; vibrating with love, peace, joy and bliss; renewing my awareness of passions, purpose, and patterns; trusting my intuition; attracting the people, situations, and opportunities needed into my life for my soul’s evolution and my heart’s expansion. Because something AMAZING is around the corner. It’s so much bigger than me. Get ready to move forward!”

I surrendered and allowed the universe to enter my life in unbeknownst ways. It’s allowed my heart to heal by changing patterns of thought and beliefs. Oh, how seamless it all can be. Vibrating with unconditional love. Not asking, demanding or expecting. But finding the peace within myself. Letting go off destructive patterns as light is shown in those areas. Going into uncharted territories as I even write these words. Inviting the encouragers, teachers, and guides into my life. Being in a place of receiving instead of giving. Learning to be content with who I am and where I am. Attracting, magnetizing, and charging energy… filling me endlessly as I let go of a tight grip. And welcome love in so many different ways.

It’s my intention to reach my potential and dare to dream the impossible. This is my platform in which I live.

What is your declaration for your life? When you sit quietly in the stillness, it will be revealed. Knocking at your door.

Will you answer the call to your soul?

Will you write your intention for your life?