Dear Divine Inner Being Readers,

Some of my best conversations are with others Divine Inner Being.

Let’s play this out… Lucas (8) had oral surgery the other day. He was given nitrous oxide. During the time he was in surgery, I took advantage of this opportunity. Too important! I went into a deep meditation, and I connected with his Divine Inner Being. I comforted him. I dialogued with him in a beautiful and compassionate way. I held him and let him know that he will be fine. I shared that he will not feel any pain. I’m here with him in spirit, truth and love. He recognized my spirit and received my love. Now all this is being done on a spiritual plane on a higher dimension. We have access to this plane. We have access to this dimension. It waits for us. It beckons us. It speaks to us. It delights in communication and inner dialogue with another Divine Inner Being.

Now this is when things get interesting. The next day, Lucas shared his recollection. He looked at me with such tenderness in his eyes and connected with me immediately. It’s as if he wanted to share that he recognized my spirit during the surgery. Lucas spoke, and I listened. He elaborated, “Mom, I didn’t feel a thing. I don’t remember falling asleep. I don’t recall the surgery at all. The stitches. The doctor. I felt no pain. No pain at all.” As his mom, I jumped for joy. I continued, “Lucas, there was so many people praying for you, myself included. So many people sending love, light and healing energy. That is what you experienced.” Lucas knew. Things were transpiring in the spiritual world.

I have had the same conversation with my husband. I knew he would react and get angry. I went in and dialogued with his Divine Inner Being, and he softened. When it was time to have the conversation in real time, Pierre already recognized and received in the spiritual world. His demeanor was totally different. He didn’t react. He responded with compassion.

I communicate with my boys when they go to sleep. I am communicating with their Divine Inner Being, and it’s beautiful.

In fact, I found Gabriel in my bed, fast asleep. And I knew that is where he needed to be. I laid my hands on his back and prayed for him. I groaned for the Spirit to heal him – his mindset, his fears, his trauma, his 13 surgeries. And I wept. I prayed for Gabriel’s wife. I felt her energy and sparks of my future daughter-in-law blew in like fresh wind. She was nice, kind, sweet, fun, considerate, and compassionate. I saw flashes of her hair but asked not to see her face. I want to be amazed when I meet her, but not surprised. Spirit whispered, “She will be a good and loving anchoring partner for Gabriel. Compassion. Compassion. You are healing. Gabriel is healing.”

In every moment, you have access to the spiritual world. There is comfort, tenderness, revelation, and peace that waits for you. May you recognize it and receive it.

From one Divine Inner Being to Another…

All love,