Dear Circling Readers,

Do you know who is in your inner circle… the ones you keep close because they love you, believe in you and are your biggest cheerleaders? And do you know who stays in the outer circle… the ones you send love to but keep at a distance because they enjoy drama, conflict, and negativity? And they are definitely aren’t for you.

Recently my mom had her birthday. I asked, “Mom, what will you like for your birthday?” She texted, “A big movie deal for you. I’m praying!”

My parents are my biggest encouragers, believers, supporters, prayer warriors… Encouraging me to run the race with endurance!!!

Moral of the story… Know who is for you, who comes into your inner circle and sacred space. Only allow the true and faithful ones! And forget the naysayers.

And for the outer circle

When others gossip about you, send them love and peace.
When others criticize you, send them love and light.
When others attack you, send them love.
Love is the only thing that remains and transforms.
And remember the battle was always with them. It was never about you in the first place.

You get to choose.
You get to create.
You get to collaborate.
You get to connect.
You get to live your life with love, joy, pure intention.
Live it well with no regrets. Pure forward motion.

Let love guide you as you build your inner circle. The support will come. In fact, it’s waiting for you to call upon it. Remember, 

Your love will attract them. And some of the ones that come into your inner circle may surprise you, but you will know. There will be a peace who you can trust and open up to.

I thank my mom and dad for their support and belief in me… Encouraging me to run the race with endurance.
I thank my husband and boys… Encouraging me to write.
I thank my friends Danielle, Victoria, Darlene, Murry, Mary, Paige, Brandi, Jayne, Cathy, Wayne, Jackie and more… For praying for me, sending me love, enthusiasm, and support.
I thank all the coaches, healers, and mentors that have guided me.
I thank all the visible and invisible support.
I am a thankful woman for all that I’ve experienced… all the opportunities of growth.

And I’ll let me mom keep praying for a movie deal!

All love,