Dear Self-Care Readers,

Do you practice self-care? For some people, the word self-care equates selfishness. Deny yourself and take up the cross. Deny yourself, your feelings, your inner voice, your intuition, your self-care.

WHAT IF that belief could be changed from an unhealthy one filled with judgment to a healthy belief filled with love? Self-care is love. It is respect. It’s staying in touch with your body and feelings. It honoring yourself and your self-worth (Click to Tweet). Self-care is not selfish. By caring for yourself, you can go out into the world as a powerhouse. When you don’t practice self-care, you can feel depleted and deflated. And you can grow resentful towards the ones you are caring for. How do I know? I denied myself and it didn’t work. The gap between me and Source, Creator, God grew bigger when I denied self-care. The gap with Source, Creator, God got smaller when I practiced self-care. Self-care allowed me to get in touch with who I really am and my relationship with the Great Divine got deeper and richer because I paid attention.

My boys are watching. I am honoring my self-care and teaching them how and ways to self-care. I want to empower them, not to dis-empower them. I want them to stay connected, not dis-connected.

What Does Self-Care Look Like?

Bubble baths to release the tension and drain out all the toxins in my body, mind, spirit that no longer serve me.

Stretching and rolling on a foam roller and exercise balls.

Naps. 15 minute naps twice a day clears the mind and rejuvenates me to tackle the rest of the day.

Chiropractic adjustments.

Herbal tea.

Nature walks.

Breathe work.

Reading and learning.

Energy clearings.

Essential oils.

What Have My Boys Incorporated?

Gabriel is getting my in touch with his body and now knows when he needs a massage to break up his scar tissue and release the pain in his fascia.

Chiropractor appointments means less visits to the pediatrician.

Energy clearings.

Gabriel enjoys the herbal tea while Lucas enjoys the yoga poses.

There is no shame in self-care. You are not a bad person because you practice self-care. And anyone that wants to judge you because of your discipline of self-care… they are really judging themselves. Let it go. Extend compassion. Realize that they have neglected themselves.  Reflect your inner light so they see their own light.

Do you practice self-care?

Do you feel guilty because you take care of your well-being?

Does it empower you?

What are your self-care practices?

If you haven’t taken care of yourself and you are used to caring for others, may you nurture the relationship with yourself. You are never late. You are right on time in every aspect of your life. You are on time!

Go love yourself one practice at a time!