Dear Well Readers,

Last week, I came across something that Gabriel shared with another. Gabriel said, “My parents have never accepted me. They constantly want to change me. That is why I had 15 surgeries.” I was stunned and tears rolled down my face.

Gabriel is thirteen-years-old, and he has endured 13 major surgeries to remove his Giant Pigmented Nevus and 2 laser surgeries. It was five years of intensive surgery in Chicago. Inserting tissue expanders to create new skin, removing the areas that had nevus, filling the tissue expanders up with saline once to twice a week for six-months. The fevers and infections. The antibiotics and the morphine. The pain and the discomfort. The hospital stays and the emergency room visits. The sleepless nights.

But Gabriel’s perception is that we didn’t accept him for who he is and that we wanted to change him. That day it was time to explain.

I elaborated, “Gabriel, we did the best we could as parents. We always loved you and accepted you. Dad and I decided on a rigorous plan of surgeries due to the increase risk of CANCER.”
There we have it – out in the open. No turning back.

Gabriel was shocked. He jumped in, “What? You didn’t tell me that I could have gotten cancer.” I added, “You were too young.” His countenance changed, and he realized the severity of what I just said. Gabriel uttered, “Then I just want to thank you and dad for all you’ve done for me.” Whew!!!

Over the years, Gabriel could have researched Giant Pigmented Nevus. He is brilliant. However, he never Googled it. There has been a protection around him that he doesn’t need to know more.

Yet, there was a core belief lurking in his mind – that we never accepted him and wanted to change him. God’s timing is always right! It took me reading something that Gabriel wrote for me to get a glimpse that he had this core belief. I never knew. Pierre never knew. But Gabriel carried this core belief in his subconscious mind. And remember the subconscious mind can only accept. It cannot reject. Only when it is consciously brought to the surface, then you can move that energy, get unstuck, and welcome a new belief.

 When have you believed something so wholeheartedly, but it wasn’t true?

Have you felt others want to change you?When did you not feel accepted?

What core beliefs are lurking in your subconscious that want to come to the surface?

What core beliefs are doing more damage than good?

Where does your perception need to change?

What I realize is that we don’t need more knowledge. Gabriel didn’t need more knowledge by researching his condition. All knowledge is already here. We just need to tap into it. We need more awareness. It’s paying attention so those beliefs and patterns can come unraveled and be ushered into a new way of thinking for me, for Gabriel, for you.

May you live your life with awareness. May you live your life setting yourself and others free one day at a time. May you offer someone the peace that they need for their weary soul and weary heart. May you witness the energy shift and countenances change when a different perspective is offered. May you accept yourself and others where they are.

We are all on journey of healing and discovering more love. May you open your heart to infinite possibilities. It’s never too late. God’s timing is always right!

Healing and Discovering More Love,