Dear Firewalkers,

My husband, Pierre, attended the San Jose conference, Unleash the Power Within (UPW) with Tony Robbins. In fact, Pierre has listened to Tony Robbins since college. Pierre called me from the conference and shared, “I want to walk over fire with you. We have been through so many Life Storms. I’m waiting for you. We need to walk over fire together.”

Say what?!

I had no desire and no intention of walking over fire!

Pierre came home and mentioned the next Unleash the Power Within conference. I said sign me and Gabriel up.

But around six weeks before the conference in Los Angeles, I was adamant that I was not walking over fire. I didn’t have the desire, just like I don’t have a desire to bungee jump.

Call it fear. But I called it desire.

Plus, it was a matter of speaking my truth and not following because Pierre, Tony or someone tells me to walk over fire. I even played worst case scenario: burning my feet or my nail polish ignites.

Pierre added, “It’s all fear. When you get there, you are going to be in peak state. I know you Jennifer. You will be dancing in the aisles, jumping for joy, shouting your truth.”

And something magical happened when I played full out. I was immersed in the energy of Tony Robbins, team Tony Robbins, and the UPW attendees.

I was in a peak state.

I was overcoming my fears, limitations and any obstacle that got in my way.

I was ready to walk over fire!

This was my voice . . .

Now I Am The Voice

I Will Lead Not Follow
I Will Believe Not Doubt
I Will Create Not Destroy

I Am A Force For Good
I Am A Force For God
I Am A Leader
Defy The Odds
Set A New Standard
Step Up!
Step Up!
Step Up!

Then, Tony mentioned every fear from getting de-feeted to blisters and sore sores that last 5 to 7 days. And then I convinced myself that I’m not walking on fire.

Thankfully, I had two accountability partners in the seats next to me. I shared, “I have a blister on my feet; so, I don’t think I’m going to do it.” But they grabbed me and said, “You are in your head.” And Tony mentioned, “When you are in your head, you are dead.”

So, we left the USC Galen Center and walked over to the fire area. I got back in peak state in an instant. And I walked over fire! I said Yes! Yes! Yes! My accountability partners walked over fire. Pierre walked over fire. Gabriel took it in and watched.

Firewalkers 2017

And something energetically and structurally shifted in me. I took my power back! I realize that I am more than a conqueror. With that mindset, I can conqueror anything. There are no fears, limitations, obstacles in my way. They are thoughts. And guess what?