Dear Suffering Readers,

Isn’t it time to put an end to your suffering? Now, let me explain how I put an end to my suffering.

As Bruce Jenner has suffered with gender identity, I have suffered with identity. I have worn the masks of people pleaser, perfectionist, and good girl. I listened to the shoulds instead of the coulds. I performed beautifully and fell apart at other times. I was taught, “We don’t talk about certain issues. Play it safe by coloring inside the box. Don’t step outside the box because fear lurks there.”

I wrestled with who I am. I was scattered, and I was tossed to and fro. I hid. I quenched. I stuffed who I really was… all the while hurting myself. I felt the constriction and not expansion. I gave out of duty instead of self-respect. I felt the immense pain, and I wrestled! I gave my POWER away to another person, event, and circumstance. And it led to criticalness, bitterness, doubt, guilt, fear, shame.

Regarding Bruce’s gender identity, the old egotistical me would have said, “He has a good family. Why would he want to hurt his kids and grandchildren? He has lived with being a male for so long, and he’s not getting any younger; so why not stay a man?” The new compassionate me cried when I watched Bruce Jenner’s interview on E! TV while I worked out at the YMCA. I felt for him. I felt his constriction and how he has colored within the box. I identified with the hiding, quenching, silencing. I wrestled like Bruce Jenner!

Then, I removed the shackles of suffering and felt the peace flood inside my core being.

As Bruce Jenner is transitioning, I am transitioning. My voice and my writings are about all my life experiences. There is no shame. There is no fear. There is no guilt for being authentically me. It’s my journey as it is Bruce Jenner’s journey. And guess what? No one can sit in judgment of Bruce Jenner’s life or my life or your life. That is the golden nugget… the pearl in the oyster. You take your power back, and you walk on sacred ground in boldness, grace, worthiness, an open heart, and the guidance of Spirit. You claim your soul and integrate all those broken and damaged pieces of you. It’s your beautiful masterpiece.

Where are you suffering in your identity?

Where have you given your power away?

Isn’t it time to put an end to your suffering?

Isn’t it time to recognize your identity is in God, Source, Energy?

Have you transitioned from suffering to freedom, ego to compassion, constriction to expansion?

Let your heart become free and your shame undone. You are welcomed here. May the peace of God rule in your heart!

Experiencing Freedom,

Photo Credit: Whitney Justesen