Dear Confident Readers,

Do you know when you nail it? When you do a great job and feel great?

The other day, Lucas had a school presentation. He chose to write about his dog. No surprises there. He titled it, “Woof, Woof.”

Lucas is funny with his homework. He wants my help; but he also wants to keep his own original flair. He really wants my presence and assurance.

After he wrote out his presentation, it was time to practice. He insisted that he wasn’t going to use note cards. Hmmm. The confidence already. Precious to witness. As he practiced, he twiddled his fingers. I gave him a suggestion. I added, “Lucas when you give a presentation, don’t forget to make eye contact with the audience. And try not to fiddle with your fingers. I had to learn this just like you are learning this.” Immediately, Lucas took the instructions gently and applied it to his presentation. He was so confident. I hugged and kissed him when he was done. And then, I shared, “You did so well. I would give you an A+. Two hundred points instead of 100.” Lucas smiled and giggled, “Mom, it’s only worth 4 points.”

Presentation day. Pierre picked Lucas up from school and asked, “Well, how did you do?” Lucas slammed the door and revealed, “I nailed it!” When he came home, Lucas shared the same good news with me. But he elaborated, “I got up and was nervous. I started playing with my hands. But then, I remembered what mom said. I put my hands down and made eye contact. She helped me.” And I smiled.

When have you nailed it?

Do you recall the last time?

When have you received instructions gently and applied it? Or do you not receive instructions gently and resist it?

Do you have your own original flair?

Are you confident in your abilities?

Are you nervous at times? Can you shift your nervousness?

How do feel?

How do you speak to yourself privately and publically… when you are not presenting and when you are presenting?

Are you consistent or does your inconsistency lead you astray each time?

Lucas is eight-years-old. And he is a reminder of how easy, simple, and guided life can be. You don’t need to struggle. You can receive gently, make the adjustment accordingly, and nail it effortlessly.

Nailing it,