Dear Decision Makers,

I made a decision to rewrite my Life Scripts with awareness, intention, and clarity. This time it is a “Physical Life Scripts.”

I lived with pain in my body for too long, and I am ready to release it.

Pain from being hit by a drunk driver in a car accident.
Pain from an emergency C-section and being told that my son wouldn’t survive past the age of one with his rare medical condition.
Pain from a bike accident, and I needed stitches.
Pain from witnessing abuse.
Pain when I locked my spinal cord from experiencing something horrific and caused slight scoliosis.
Pain taking on other people’s energy.

I am ready to release my pain. I am ready to release these stories.

How many stories do we keep telling ourselves?
Stories of past pain, abuse, suffering, car accidents, health concerns.

Maybe it’s the torn ligament.
The shattered knee.
The pulled rotary cuff.

Maybe it’s the divorce.
The tight finances.
The disconnected spouse.
The sexual abuse as a child.

They all are have an origin. They all have a beginning which means they have an ending… thankfully.

What stories are you telling yourself?
What stories would you like to tell yourself now?

It’s the start of a new year and with a new year comes fresh awareness and intention.

So my new story or Life Scripts is I am ready to get my mind and body in better shape… physically and energetically through exercise and eating so I can be my best for the new year; I can push to the next level; I can create a new Life Script.

We all have the capacity to develop our potential. I want to create, develop, and embody my potential. I want to hit PRIME-TIME.

You are in your Prime.
You are in your Prime energetically.
You are in your Prime physically.
You are in your Prime emotionally.
You are in your Prime mentally.
You are in your Prime creatively.
Now go get your groove on.
You are ready to take on the world.
You are in your Prime.

And it begins with a decision. You can’t be on the fence. You can’t wobble between this or that. You have to plant a heavy footing when you made a decision. You have to follow-through with belief, with determination, with courage, with faith that YOU can do this.

Are you with me?
What decision would you like to make this 2016?