Dear Conference Readers,

Do you like to attend conferences to grow, learn, and expand even more? Well, I’m raising my hand because that sure does suit me. In fact, Pierre and I attended The Longevity Now Conference earlier this year and the Abraham-Hicks Conference this past weekend. I learned so much. But what are my takeaways that I can implement.


How do you know you are on the path of least resistance? You can tell my two things:

1) How do you FEEL?

2) How is the path UNFOLDING?

I can’t recall anyone teaching me in my childhood or adulthood to pay attention to feelings. It was do, do, and do. In school. At home. In church. I was taught feelings can mislead you. Feelings come, and feelings go. Don’t trust them!

Was I misled into a belief system, conditioning, and a paradigm that did not resonate with my inner core being? An emphatic yes. I stuffed, hid, and quenched my feelings for too long. By not acknowledging my feelings, I only hurt myself.

The path unfolded miserably with struggle, sabotage, and scarcity. By denying my feelings, it created a chaotic and confused path. Not knowing what way to turn. I was scattered. I was hurting. It was torture. And the torturer was my very self. And it all began from a belief system!

How many beliefs do we have that are wrecking our lives? Doing more damage than good?

When I started to acknowledge my feelings, a new awareness blew in like fresh air. A new perspective. And voilà… a new belief system.

Since the relationship with yourself is of upmost importance, you honor that relationship with impeccable care. I wanted to create some life-giving experiences, and I began not to care what other people think of me. I no longer needed their approval. I no longer need their attention. I don’t have to be a people pleaser trying to meet others expectations, needs, desires and forgetting who I am.

As I step up and show up, I realize that I am stronger beyond measure. You are too. Did you realize it?

Feelings are not good or bad. They just are. They are there to lead you and guide you into the beauty of fullness and wholeness. And once you acknowledge your feelings, the path takes you on a trajectory of wonder, love, peace, and joy.

Acknowledge your feelings.
Acknowledge the creation of your path unfolding.

It’s perfect and so are you!

Feeling Great,