Dear Abundant Readers,

Do you know that have incredible qualities within you? All too often, we beat ourselves up. We don’t recognize them or acknowledge them; or worse, we don’t tap into them!

Do you listen to how you talk to yourself?

I am too old. Who would ever love me?

I am aging. Who would consider me beautiful?

I am too tired. How can I get through another day?

I am overwhelmed. My list builds, and I can’t get it done.

I am not smart enough. I don’t have a college degree. I don’t know my purpose in life.

I am not funny. Who would laugh at my jokes?

I am too serious. I don’t have time for foolish.  

I am not a good cook. Others tell me otherwise.

I am not good with organization. My house is a mess. You should see my office.

I am not like so and so. She’s got it all together.

I am not a good parent. My kids fight constantly.

The list goes on with negative self-talk. But I don’t want to bore you, disappoint you, or discourage you.

You are so much more!

Let’s start with I AM statements. They have potency. Remember, we are co-creating with the Creator. In other words, we have the same attributes, nothing less.

I AM Aware.

I AM Creative.

I AM Resourceful.

I AM Complete.

I AM Assertive.

I AM Confident.

I AM Wisdom.

I AM Powerful.

I AM Peace.

I AM Love.

I AM Capable.

I AM Abundant.

I AM Light.

I AM Expressive.

I AM Whole.

I AM Worthy.

I AM Beautiful.

I AM Balanced.

I AM Learning.

I AM Evolving.

I AM Inspiration.

I AM Connected.

I AM Communicative.

I AM Sharing.

I AM Blessed.

I AM Grateful.

I AM Compassionate.

I AM Joy.

I AM Adventure.

I AM Happiness.

I AM Fun.

I AM Dreaming.

I AM Visualizing.

I AM Believing.

I AM Gentle.

I AM Kind.

I AM Eternal.

I AM Ageless.

I AM Purposeful.

I AM Spirit.

I AM Momentum.

I AM Well-Being.

I AM Soulful.

I AM Healing.

This is your true essence! You have all these attributes and more. You don’t have to look in the external things… another person, another relationship, another house, another job, another.

May you rewrite your Life Scripts with I AM because that is your true nature. May you recognize it, acknowledge it, and embody it. I believe in you!