Dear Heartfelt Readers,

My heart goes out to the people of Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey.

This video of Aric Harding playing his piano in his water-filled Texas home says it all.

Harding shared, “I think it’s all finally sinking in a little.  What we used to have going as a city is gone.  I really think God is going to do something completely new here.  I am excited to see the new beauty in the suffering.”

When you are displaced, you yearn for a steady footing.

We moved around 13 times after Hurricane Katrina from relatives in Baton Rouge and Texas before we called California our new home.  On top of that, Hurricane Rita made its way to Texas and my son, Gabriel, was scheduled for his 11th surgery in Chicago.

While displaced at my sister’s home, I put Gabriel (3-years-old at that time) to bed.  Gabriel looked at me with his big eyes.  He shared, “Mom, I just want to go back home.”  But there wasn’t a habitual home to return to.

It’s an uneasy feeling, not having a home to return to.

It’s an uneasy feeling for the people of Texas, not having a home to return to.

I understand.  I’ve been through the tragedy.  I’ve been through the storm.

What I have learned is your steadiness comes from a connection and alignment with God, who is your Source, strength, shield, provider, sustainer.

I thank God for growing me through each Life Storm and waking me up though the hurricanes.  They were my lessons to awaken me to more love, more light, more creativity, more guidance.

August 29th marks the 12-year anniversary of Katrina, but it is also a celebration of my niece’s birthday.

How are you doing during hurricane season and out of hurricane season?

Are you trading your ashes for beauty?

Are you willing to begin anew after the storm?

Can you feel the excitement that is brewing even though you are in the middle of the storm?

Can you let go of memories not serving you?

You may not have lived through an actual hurricane.  But maybe your life felt like a hurricane.

You can begin again… through every high and every low.

There is beauty that comes out of hurricanes.  There are lessons of gratefulness, compassion, and acceptance.

May you open your eyes to see again.  May you open your heart to feel again.  May you open your eyes to hear again.

Praying for the people of Texas as they rebuild.

Don’t wait for a hurricane to rebuild.  Rebuild your inner world and may it be reflected in your external reality.

With love and prayers,