Dear Sightful Readers,

If you don’t possess the gift of sight, your other senses are highly sensitive. So, how do you see the world?

I see the world…

Unlimited Possibilities.
A miracle.
A journey.
An adventure.

This is how I see the world. And I would love to capture that vision forever. But my head sometimes spins with uncertainty, complaining, criticalness, or control. And in those moments, I can miss it… miss that wonderful vision. And I don’t want to miss my life. I want to behold it and embrace it. I want to recognize it for what is… all experiences to awaken me to love, joy, and peace.

How do you see the world?
What do you allow into your world? The news. Another TV show.
Is your world chaotic or peaceful? Certain or uncertain?
Do you see the beauty all around?
Have you held your heart?
Have you directed your breath?
Do you see the meaning in the flowers, insects, animals, sun, moon, stars?
Are you living in a world of possibilities or a world of impossibilities?
What do you choose to believe?
What do you choose to see?
What do you choose to experience?
What do you want to see?
What do you want to believe?

Perception is everything. If you don’t like what you see, may you have the courage to change it… to change yourself… to change the world.

And the only way we can change the world is by changing our world. It begins with our inner world! We cannot adequately be effective and be powerful until our inner world is calm, certain, loving, secure, and safe. When we get to that place, then we can go out in the world as miracle workers, light bearers, energy shifters.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Come rest. Lay your burdens down. There is refuge in the quietness and stillness. There is refuge in letting go. There is refuge in a healing world.

May you open your eyes and your heart to a healing world. May your vision be one of excellence. You are worth it.