Dear Hosting Readers,

Do you like to host events, parties, dinners, luncheons? But what about your mind? Have you even considered hosting your mind? What guests would you allow there?

Hold on before you think I’m getting too esoteric.

I did a meditation on “Who is the Host of Your Mind?” by Wild Divine – Zen Talk, and this is what I learned. Pour a cup of tea and get cozy with me.

Our house is our temple. Our body is our temple. Guests come, and they go. Physical guests include sexuality, pain, itch, and hunger. Emotional guests include longings, feelings, anger, memories, and restlessness.

What guests are you entertaining lately?

Do you cater to your guests every whim… every desire… every request? Of course, you don’t. But maybe you do. And if you do, it’s okay to admit it. But how do you feel when you cater to your guests? Exhausted, depleted, aggravated?! Hmm. I know because I’ve been there. Wanting to please at the sake of neglecting my own well-being.

Let’s take it one step further. Do you cater to every thought that comes to you? The food cravings when you are not really hungry. The itch that nags. The painful memories getting relived… one heartache after another. The longing of wanting conditions to be different. We are bombarded with thoughts all day long. But we have a choice to entertain them or dismiss them. See, guests leave. New guests arrive. But there I was… different people, same situation, stuck patterns.

I lived on autopilot and became a slave… repeating the patterns over and over again.

I was a SLAVE TO…

~ Slave to TIME.
~ Slave to FOOD & ALCOHOL.
~ Slave to PARENTING.
~ Slave to LONGINGS.
~ Slave to ANGER.

Our guests come and go. We don’t need to entertain every thought and be at their whim. We can carefully and actively participate in creating our life by watching the endless stream of thoughts – the guests you entertain or do not entertain.

Thoughts do become Things.

You are truly the observer, not the reactor. And from the position of observer, you are FREE. Free to Feel them. Free to tell them No. Free because they will Go Away. Free to Take a Nap.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

What guests do you entertain? Who is the host of your magnificent mind? You are brilliant. The divine spark of life and creation lives inside of you, yearning to burst forth in glorious array!

Carefully Hosting,