Dear Loving Readers,

When we evacuated thirteen times in 5 weeks following Hurricane Katrina, there was a family paying attention. Steve and Paige Huffman watched the news filled with the images of Hurricane Katrina – one of the most devastating natural disasters in the history of the United States.

There were postings on our church website for three apartments in San Diego by the Huffman family. I mentioned it to my husband and he didn’t understand why we would go to San Diego, even though we always wanted to move to California. While in Houston, Pierre headed out of town to Washington D.C. for an International Pigment Cell Conference. When Pierre returned, he inquired about those apartments because Hurricane Rita was upon us. And the rest is history. Or the story continues in Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina.

Paige and Steve both read my book and this is how they marvelously responded… once again.

Steve wrote, “I am in New York with the boys and started reading your book. I was blown away with the life lesson with my name to act on those thoughts and ideas that God puts in our heads. What an honor to have my name there! Just love the format and story. Both Paige and I are so happy that you two are woven in to the fabric of our lives. Just love how God works. Love to you my friend!”

Excerpt from Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina… “See, Steve was paying attention. He watched the Hurricane Katrina news event, and something tugged at his heart. Something said, ‘You can help in this situation.’ How often do we get that tug… that nod… that reminder but you blow it off? Or you don’t have time or someone else can do it? But those perfect moments are calling you… Into something more, something deeper, something your heart and soul years for. Those perfect opportunities are your internal guidance system… prompting you, nudging you, guiding you. You can do this. I purpose this in you. You are capable. You are powerful. You are supported. Just say yes. Just go. Just open your heart for expansion and expression. Will you answer the call?”

In my acknowledgment section, there were many people to thank. Many were there with me in Spirit and still with me in Spirit. I wrote, “Thank you Paige Huffman for loving me and this story. When she shares my story, people cry every time-Paige included. It’s time. Right? It’s time.”

Paige texted, “Hello Beautiful… still getting over the acknowledgement section… your words meant more than you will know for both Steve and me. Thank you. Love you Miss Louisiana.”

honoring the huffmansAnna Drew, Jennifer Gremillion, Paige Huffman, and Michelle Swift at the San Diego International Airport.

We went to Rancho La Puerta. What a fun trip!

I want to honor them because they picked our displaced family and moved us to California. And they didn’t just drop us off. They pursued us with their love. We are still dear friends with Steve and Paige ten years later. Now, if that isn’t God at work!!!

Amazing love, amazing grace,