Dear Heroic Readers,

Do you know that you are the hero to your amazing journey? And you are writing your own “Life Scripts?” You are co-creating your reality with intention, focus, vibration, and attitude of gratitude.

Archetypes are patterns of your personality; they are symbols that represent the collective unconscious and the psychic part of instinct according to Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. Some archetype patterns include the mother, child, mentor, hero, and trickster. Since they are unconscious, they can be observed in behavior, myths, art, or dreams. They are energies or characters that repeat throughout life.

According to Sigmund Freud, the hero represents the ego which includes separation from the mother… separation from family. According to Christopher Vogel in The Writer’s Journey “the Hero archetype represents the ego’s search for identity and wholeness.” We face different archetype patterns such as the demon, trickster, monster, etc. on our path. As we explore our minds, we find teachers, guide, villains, betrayers, lovers, friends, foes because they represent parts of our personalities and characters in our dream. So the hero faces a psychological journey to integrate and become whole.

The patterns of the hero’s journey is universal according to American mythologist Joseph Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

The hero, which is you, is basically integrating parts of your personality to become more balanced and whole. Do you notice that you have all parts of your personality to integrate and your shadow or the dark side is one of them? In fact, we try to run from our shadow or hide certain parts of our personality. But once we can own those shadow pieces, we are free! Light trumps darkness. Yes we have to go in the darkness, in the despair, in the confusion to integrate. And once we integrate, we become more balanced. We gain wisdom and understanding.

If you are the hero of your story, are you noticing patterns?

Are you having victory? Or falling into the same deep hole?

Are you recognizing all parts of your personality… some call it the duality or illusion of “good vs. bad?”

Have you embraced your shadow?

Have you integrated and become whole?

Are you walking in freedom or bondage?

As heroes we face an outward journey, but we also face an inward journey. It’s having the courage to go in your mind, your heart, your soul, your emotions, your relationships. Yes we all have endless variations, situations, and scenarios. But we all get the call to adventure… the call to no longer be passive but be an active participant to our destiny, to our fate, to our freedom.

Have you answered the call to your amazing adventure… your hero’s journey?

As Joseph Campbell shared so beautifully… “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

Answered the call,