Dear Heart-Centered Readers,

Do you lead with your heart? Or do you ignore that resonance and follow your head? I’ve watched this pattern play out in my life. My heart resonates on certain decisions. But then, I doubt the promptings of my intuition and my heart. I play a head game. A mind game. I volley back the pros and cons. I analyze to come up with logical reasons. The outcome of this pattern… I get overwhelmed and doubt myself. Confusion floods my being!

Today, I surrender this pattern. Enough wasted energy and head games. I want to lead with my heart, spirit, soul, intuition. I want to know because it feels good. I don’t want to lead with my head and make logical decisions based on pros and cons. This is the pattern of the ego. The ego tells me that I am going to fuck up. But guess what I am not going to fuck up. I am not going to make a mistake. You are not going to fuck up. You are going to fuck up. You are not going to make a mistake. Isn’t that freeing?

According to Chinese medicine, the Heart Chakra is “The Central Altar.” It’s our center of balance where our physical life connects with our spiritual life. And guess what the Sanskrit word means for heart? “Unstuck.” Our heart is the place where our sense of freedom and sense of adventure reside. It’s our ability to be empathetic, compassionate, kind. It’s the chamber where we give love to ourselves and others, and where we receive love. The energies of passion and enthusiasm dwell in the depths of your heart.

Do you lead with you mind or do you lead with your heart?

Are you aware of the head games of ego?

Is your heart “The Central Altar?”

Are you unstuck? Or are you stuck in the same patterns?

Where do you need to surrender a pattern?

“Hear with your heart, see with your soul, be guided by a hand that you cannot hold, and trust even if you cannot see. That’s how faith must be.” ~ Daffylaye

Today, I let go of this pattern. Clarity filled me. Trust was paramount. Confidence led me now.

We live with these patterns for so long until we wake up. Then, we can willingly release it. May you walk in freedom, clarity, trust, and confidence. Get your heart shine on!

Leading with My Central Altar,

Photo Credit: lisaluvz