Dear Creative Genius,

Do you lead with your heart? Or do you ignore that resonance and follow your head? Then, you play the head game and volley back the pros and the cons. There are some practices that may help you make your heart the central altar.

Gratefulness is a daily habit. Write down 3 to 5 things in the morning and evening that you are grateful for.

Breathe and hold your heart. When you are in the mind chatter, you take off like a runaway train. When you take three calm centering breaths, you drop back in to your heart.

Meditation and prayer are key. When you pray, you talk to God. When you meditate, you hear from God.

Celebrate your victories. When you live in your head with frustration and doubt, you fail to recognize your victories. Hit the pause button. Celebrate your growth, your contribution, your love.

I would love to hear from you. Is your heart the central altar? If so, what are some practices you use? If you haven’t, what are some things you can do today to make your heart the central altar?

Live a Great Story! Live a Great Life!

Jennifer Gremillion

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