Dear Non-Attacking Readers,

Have you had those moments that you grabbed your chest? Scared. Or perhaps you heard some sad news. We all had those moments that we just can’t catch our breath. Our heart pounds. And we think it is going to bust. We get sweaty. Sometimes panic sets in.

Well, it happened to Lucas. He got out of his bed and went downstairs to grab some water. But Lord and behold, when he returned, something was lurking in his room. There was a shadow. But the shadow jumped out with a “BOO!” Big brother playing a joke as brothers sometimes do. However, this wasn’t a joke for Lucas but a moment of fear. Lucas shrieked. I ran and yelled, “What’s wrong? What happened?” Gabriel is in the corner laughing his head off. Lucas is in another corner crying his eyes out.

Time to diffuse the situation.

Lucas explained, “Gabriel sacred me.” As Lucas held his chest, he could barely catch his breath. Gabriel jumped in, “But I didn’t mean to.” I replied, “Nice one. You had every intention of scaring him.” Lucas gasped, “I’m having a heart attack.”

It wasn’t a heart attack but a panic attack.

Panic attacks occur with intense fear and symptoms of heart palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath, and/ or feelings of unreality. Wikipedia explains, “Many who experience a panic attack, mostly for the first time, fear they are having a heart attack.” I requested Gabriel to go in his room. And Lucas started hyperventilating. I looked at Lucas and said, “Calm. This is a house of love. You are having a panic attack.” Lucas revealed, “Gabriel scared me so badly.”

I hated when someone jumped out as a child and screamed “BOO.” I hate it as adult. There is no fun in that to me. That is not a laughing and joking matter but an aggravating one. You can surprise me with a date night, flowers, or a card. But don’t surprise me with a BOO!

I felt for Lucas in that moment. I lifted his shirt up and pressed his chest again my chest. I suggested, “I am slowing your heart rate. Feel the rhythm of my heartbeat.” And Lucas did. Chest to chest. Heartbeat to heartbeat. And in the stillness, Lucas quieted; he calmed; and he experienced peace again. Our hearts were in sync.

His big brown eyes looked into my face, and he quickened, “Can I sleep with you?” “Of course,” I replied.

Gabriel approached Lucas, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you would respond that way.” And Lucas forgave him. However, Lucas added, “You know I don’t like being scared.” End of story.

When has someone scared you? Maybe with a Boo. Maybe with sad news. Maybe with the unexpected. Just maybe.
When have you been struck with intense fear?
When have you grabbed your chest and felt like you were having a heart attack? A panic attack?
When was the last time you could barely catch your breath?
When has your chest met with a loved one’s chest? Heartbeat to heartbeat. Quieting you. Calming you.

In those moments, may you be reminded that you are safe and secured. Nothing bad will happen. F.E.A.R. is False Evidence Appearing Real. And what is real in the moment is love. As we undo moments of intense fear… intense pain… intense panic and return to love, we remember who we are. And in the moments, we can catch our breath again. Hearts unite.

Heartbeats are in sync in the POWER OF LOVE!

Removing Fear & Returning to Love,