Dear Healing Readers,

We live in a world of dualities: good/ bad, love/hate, ugly/ beautiful. Systems, including religion, government, and media fan dualities. And this creates more fear in our world. It makes someone right and another person wrong. And our ego doesn’t like to be wrong. It demands to be right! And when we are right, we are passing judgment onto another. We are saying, “I’m better than you.” Really your perspective and belief system is different.

Most of our internal battles are no different. We have this internal war; an intense battle we are fight inside of our heads. Will it ever end? Is this really how others live too? Are other people thinking the same thoughts? Thus, more duality is created.

Remember, you are not your thoughts. Yet, our thoughts control us. Our thoughts occur like breathing occurs… like our heart beats. No different. Yet, we are quick to identify with our thoughts. We are quick to identify with our body. Most of our thinking is on auto-pilot. It is running all day long, no different than when you turn your television on or turn your stereo on. It plays and plays. And guess what? It will only turn off when you actively choose to turn it off. That is how our mind works. Thoughts are an unconscious stream that we identify with.

How do we stop the battle of dualities? It begins with consciousness. When you are aware, you are not in your ego. You can watch the ego’s sabotaging tactics. And oh, they can be loud or subtle.

Duality breeds separation, disconnection, blame, manipulation, power and control. It’s the ego winning the game of life. Until you shift… until you recreate… until you practice awareness, you will continue this miserable path that truly is not the authentic you. And your soul knows it!

Your Divine Soul Being is your best friend in this journey. It is here to create awareness, to guide you gently, to shift from unconsciousness to consciousness. It wants you to remember who you really are. It wants you to embody and integrate dualities in your internal world so you can be free and live a peaceful life. It wants you to raise consciousness.

Embrace the polarities and master ascension into wholeness, oneness, connection, peace, and unity!

Haven’t you struggled enough?

Aren’t you ready to heal?

May you integrate your darkness and light. You are whole and complete.