Dear Loving Readers,

Do you have a best friend? One that you confide in, one that you share your joy and sadness with, someone you trust.

Guilt and shame are really good friends. They hang out with each “constantly and subconsciously.” They live in the murky waters afraid to reveal out shadow. So, they hide. But guess what? They have a best friend and their best friend is punishmentGuilt and shame seek punishment, not intentional, not consciously, but subconsciously. The punishment is unlimited. What happens is that guilt and shame continue the cycle of abuse. The punishment always comes and the persons think that they are deserving of the abuse because they live with so much guilt and shame. Do you see the sabotaging cycle? And the person keeps attracting more abuse, more abuse, more.

Let’s talk about the good friend’s guilt and shame. Guilt means I did a “bad behavior.” Shames means I am a “bad person.” But we already labeled what is bad and what is good. We have been conditioned to form dichotomies which allows us to lead a life of splits… split from our connection to God. God is not sitting there with a stick ready to punish us over and over again. God seeks to extend grace and mercy. And He does it graciously. He does it by getting our attention, waking us up, letting our connection to Spirit guide us to deeper truths so that we are conscious of the abuse that we are “self-inducing.”

And sometimes we are enslaved and imprisoned with our own destructive thoughts that are not heavenly, but hellish. And they begin with guilt and shame.

Can’t we eradicate these belief systems? There is hope and you can… once you are aware that you are in a cycle of suffering, abuse, and punishment.

I see my cycle of guilt and shame. And all I can say is it stole precious moments from me. And truthfully, I wasn’t aware that I was in this cycle until a coach pointed it out. I thought that most people lived like this. Just be content! See, even the admitting of discontentment breeds another form of punishment.

I have a new BFF and it’s called grace! Awareness and Alignment are now my good friends. Who are your BFF’s?