lucas-sleepsLucas Sleeps

gabriel-sleepsGabriel Sleeps

Dear Sleepy Readers,

We had an interesting day. Gabriel cleaned the garage and bathed the dog. Lucas cleaned the recycling bins. We walked the dog and went to Danger Park.

But when we got to Danger Park, I witnessed Gabriel’s reaction to spiders, the dog not being safe, some catastrophe about to hit us. The survival mode. And I was exhausted. My thinking went to “he is irrational. The world is not coming to an end.” But then, Spirit quickened me to a new awareness. And I heard the words, “He has been through so much trauma. You should know. That is why I gave him to you – to parent him, guide him, and teach him. Have compassion for him Jennifer. Compassion.”

The word compassion echoed in my head. Wikipedia describes compassion as “the emotion that one feels in response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help.” I know the fear. I know the worry. I know. Compassion to myself. Compassion to Gabriel. Compassion to Lucas. As I’m changing, it is providing Gabriel and Lucas with a new mindset. It is creating a healing space with fresh clarity. It is helping them. There lies the hope and the possibilities… that you can change!

I’m learning… Thoughts turn into things. Pay attention to my feelings. Trust my intuition. Communicate effectively.

Later that night, I tucked the boys to sleep.

Lucas was giddy and smiling. I asked Lucas, “Are you happy?” He quickly replied, “Yes. Very.” I questioned, “Do you feel safe and secure?” He nodded yes. Lucas feels safe, secure, loved and loving. He has not had the trauma. Negative thinking, lots of fears, self-limiting beliefs have not come into his sweet world.

I found Gabriel in my bed, fast asleep. And I knew that is where he needed to be. I laid my hands on his back and prayed for him. I groaned for the Spirit to heal him – his mindset, his fears, his trauma, his 13 surgeries. And I wept.

I prayed for his wife. I felt her energy and sparks of my future daughter-in-law blew in like fresh wind. She was nice, kind, sweet, fun, considerate, and compassionate. I saw flashes of her hair but asked not to see her face. I want to be amazed when I meet her, but not surprised. Spirit whispered, “She will be a good and loving anchoring partner for Gabriel. Compassion. Compassion. You are healing. Gabriel is healing.”

Two boys being raised in the same house. People wonder why their children turn out differently. I got the answer – Mindset. Fears. Trauma. Self-Limiting beliefs. One boy can feel happy, safe, secure, and loved. The other boy can be fearful, hypervigilant, and anxious.

These are my boy’s journey. My journey. Our journey.

How about your journey?
Where is it leading you?
Do you feel safe and secure?
Are you happy?
What trauma wants to be released in your head… in your body… in your heart?
What troubles you?
Where do you feel danger?

Everyone’s journey is a healing one. They are returning to wholeness. They are returning to their divine nature – perfect, magnificent, safe, secure, happy. May you have compassion, yes compassion, for yourself and others. There may be some bumps and bruises along the way… some detours… some caution… stop and go… But they will get there. You will get there. Wait and see. And I can’t wait to meet my future daughter-in-laws!

Good Night & Sweet Dreams,