Dear Compassionate Readers,

My son, Lucas, had an injury. He was having fun at a friend’s home. They were jumping from a bed onto a bean bag. When Lucas landed on the bean bag, his knee gashed his eyebrow.

My hubby called me and said, “Get the first aid kit ready. He may need stitches.”

Lucas walked in the front door with blood running from his eye. I sat him on the couch. Pierre gave him an ice-pack. In the meantime, I gave him ibuprofen and fed him lunch. It was time to stay calm and not go in the worst-case scenario.

Pierre emphasized that if we go to the ER, it will be a long wait; and he will probably need stitches. Pierre thought maybe he should put a butterfly adhesive would closure on it; but the “what ifs”  came into play. What if it doesn’t close tightly? What if it leaves a big scar?

We opted for urgent care. There were no lines. We were the only family there. Hmm. Interesting how the universe took care of those long lines.

The doctor examined Lucas. He suggested wound glue or stitches, with the would glue being the least traumatic. And we agreed.

When the doctor cleaned the blood, Lucas cried, squirmed and pushed the doctor’s hand away. The doctor commented, “I can’t work on you unless you are completely still.”

And Lucas looked at me. Time to turn on my light and guide him through this. I shared, “Lucas, when the pain becomes unbearable for me, I don’t give it any more attention. You need to breathe. And go to the places the make you feel good . . . like when you make a touchdown on the football field, when you are playing with your dog, when you are eating ice-cream.” Lucas understood. I held his hand and rested my other hand on his head. I prayed and asked for his angels to comfort him. As the doctor worked on him, he went into a state of peace. There were no tears. There was no squirming. There was quiet, stillness, peace and grace. When the doctor finished, Lucas opened his eyes and he exhaled. I commented, “You did it. You went to your happy place when the pain was unbearable.”

Later, Pierre emphasized,

And that was the happy place I went to.

Where do you go when the pain becomes unbearable?

Do you continue to focus on it? What you give your attention to, you get more of.

Can you breathe into the pain and release it on the exhale?

Can you shift your focus from pain to peace?

Can you receive the guidance and support from another?

Can you enter the stillness with grace?

Can you grow more beautiful wearing the garment of compassion?

Lucas is doing great by the way! How are you doing?

Wearing the garment of compassion,