Dear Awesome Readers,

I allowed the gifts for a king to breathe gently, subtle new energy. Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold. Most people have heard of frankincense, myrrh, and gold due to the biblical account of the birth of Jesus. According to the book of Matthew, the Magi, or wise men, followed a bright star in the east to Bethlehem where Jesus had been born.

“On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. They opened their treasures and presented him with the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.” (Matthew 2:11)

Where am I going with this? Stay with me to find out.

Frankincense oil is extracted from the gum or resin from frankincense or Olibanum trees, whose scientific name is Boswellia Carteri. It has been used to boost immune system, improve digestion, lowers blood pressure, helps wounds heal faster, soothes coughs, helps with PMS, and mood swings. Some people use it as an incense. It is found in the cool areas of the Arabian Peninsula, East Africa, and India. It smells woody, spicy, citrus.

Frankincense was used in religious ceremonies. It was burned and symbolized a prayer rising to the heavens like smoke.

I began to rub the frankincense sanctifying essential oil on me and use it an ingredient in my body wash.

Myrrh is a reddish resin that comes from species of the genus Commiphora, native to northeast Africa and the adjacent areas of the Arabian Peninsula. Commiphora myrrha, a tree used in the production of myrrh, can be found in the shallow, rocky soils of Ethiopia, Kenya, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Somalia.

Myrrh is used as a fragrance in incense and an embalming agent. Myrrh was used for burials and symbolized death. A mixture of myrrh and wine was offered to Jesus during his crucifixion. It was used in the mummification process by the Egyptians and used religious rituals all over the world. It is utilized in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines.

Myrrh is used for ulcers, congestion, colds, indigestion, arthritic pain, cancer spasms and to increase menstrual flow. Myrrh may be applied directly to the mouth for inflamed gums, even bad breath. It smells dry, creamy, like a resin.

Myrrh is neutral and bitter. It thickens blood, stops pain, and disperses swelling. Whereas frankincense is aromatic and warm. It moves blood and qi to free the flow of meridians.

People would use the sweet smoke from the resins to smell better. Egyptian women utilized the ash of frankincense for their eye shadow. The Egyptians used both frankincense and myrrh in the preparation of animal sacrifice. Hebrews and Christians incorporated them into their ceremonies. Frankincense and myrrh also had medicinal uses. Priests recommended both resins for wounds.

I began oral drops of myrrh to build my immune system by Herb Pharm.

Gold is the metal of kings. When gold was presented to Jesus, it acknowledged his right to rule. It is a symbol of divinity and is mentioned throughout the Bible. The gift of gold to the Christ child was symbolic of His divinity – God in flesh.

How did I allow gold into my life? By going outside and feeling the warmth of the sun-rays, by allowing my crown chakra to open to nothingness and beingness.

Remember, I’m on a healing journey… going into uncharted territory to reclaim clarity and healing. As bizarre as it seems, the gifts for a king have entered my life.

Will you consider them? I would love your feedback on how you incorporated them as personal, medicinal, or religious uses.



Photo credit:  Crystal Energy Canada on Etsy