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Dear Excited Readers,

How much time do you focus on things that could go wrong? You play the worst case scenario over in your head. You voice it in conversations. Others add on to your worst case scenario.

But how much time do you focus on things that could go right? Do you allow yourself to go into that space? Do you set your intention, commitment and focus on it? You speak it to yourself. You speak it to others. If others add any worst case scenarios, you don’t allow it to come into your subconscious. You protect your energy from it.

Tony Robbins said, “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited of what could go right.”

When we focus on what could go wrong, we are operating out of fear! The path of enormous resistance.

When we focus on what could go right, we are operating out of trust! The path of least resistance.

It seems like a simple formula. But application is the true test.

When we focus on the wrongs, we attract more of that into our life. It snowballs into insecurity, anxiety, worry, distrust, and confusion.

When we focus on the rights, we attract more of that into our life. It builds like a crescendo with excitement, enthusiasm, anticipation, and clarity.

At any moment, you can raise your vibration. You can shift your energy. And it begins with thoughts. Each thought attracts the next thought . . . and the next one.

You are operating from a higher consciousness when you are excited about life. Everyday becomes magical because you wake up in a higher vibration and you go to sleep in a higher vibration.

Why not get excited for life?

Get excited when your child has exams.

Get excited for the parent teacher conference.

Get excited when your in-laws come over for dinner.

Get excited when your spouse wants to have a “talk.”

Get excited about paying the mortgage.

Get excited about the negotiations.

Get excited about the new project.

Get excited about exercise.

Get excited about cooking dinner.

Get excited!

I am excited about life! I am excited about what can go right in my life. I am excited about the people I’m attracting. I am excited about the connections. I am excited about my scripts. I am excited to shine brightly. I am excited when I choose love. Aren’t you? Let’s get excited for one another!


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